4 definitions by Ct001

Late night texting to someone who’s asleep, with the intention that they are read in the morning.
I got drunk and wontonly texted that guy I’ve been seeing, telling him what I wanted to do with him.
by Ct001 November 12, 2018
It's the way fake patriots pronounce "democracy".
We have to leave the EU cos 'mocracy.
by Ct001 April 18, 2019
Taking your phone from your back pocket and realising you called someone.
- Hi, how’s it going? Not heard from you in ages!
- sorry, buttdial
by Ct001 November 14, 2018
Poops: what the cutest girls say when they mean oops, so you love them a bit more.
POOPS! Didn’t mean to call you then!
by Ct001 November 12, 2018