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butt tickle (like street graffiti) is a form of art. Both are considered a felony. The person who undertake this is called butt tickler. The term Butt Tickling came to main stream after a man, in Dallas county, break into homes and tickle the anus of his victim. He would flee once the victim wakes.
Man: My life is ruined!!!
Me: why what happen?
Man: Somebody broke into my home and butt tickled me.
by fureytha April 29, 2016
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The feeling you get when you need to move your bowels but lack the sanctuary to do so, the sphincter to prevent it from happening and the skill set to articulate exactly what you need.
You: "Reeds, are you ok?"
Reeds (who is walking funny and reaching behind to back pocket): "Yeah, just have a butt tickle."
You: "Do you have to go the bathroom?!"
Reeds: "Not anymore."
by PSSWF April 08, 2015
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