1 definition by kylesmith

A game played in a car, it works best with a bunch of dudes. A guy in the backseat removes his shoe, puts his foot between the bottom cushion and upright part of the seat in front of him, wiggles his toes on the person's butt, and exclaims 'TICKLE BUTT'. The person in front is quite surprised, has a tingling sensation run up his spine, and everyone giggles.
Kale is driving on the highway, Kyle is seated directly behind him. It is the evening, since this is when Kale drives the best, and the car is quiet. So Kyle slowly removes his shoe, and like a ninja he sneaks his foot into the seat. Out of nowhere he yells TICKLE BUTT while tickling Kales butt. Kale screams like a hyena and everyone has a good laugh. Then it goes quiet again.
by kylesmith October 1, 2009
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