9 definitions by HeavyMetalGuy360

A redneck or hillbilly who listens to heavy metal music.
Matt: I hear Jeremy blasting Metallica and Megadeth from his pickup truck.
Tom: Jeremy is a metalneck.
by HeavyMetalGuy360 April 19, 2021
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The Dora rip off that confuses the kids by teaching them Chinese.
by HeavyMetalGuy360 November 22, 2015
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A guy who stalks girls by staring at their pussies 24/7.
Luke is such a pussy stalker for staring at Kira's pussy.
by HeavyMetalGuy360 September 25, 2016
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1. Someone who has a real taste in music.
2. A straight person.
3. A girl who is the opposite of a One Direction fan by listening to punk or emo.
Girl: One Direction is the best band ever!
One Direction Hater: Fuck you bitch! One Direction sucks ass! You have no real taste in music!
by HeavyMetalGuy360 September 24, 2016
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Like a French Kiss, but you're using your teeth to kiss instead of your tongue.
Mike and Haley are not biting each other. They are German Kissing.
by HeavyMetalGuy360 March 3, 2020
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What Ariana Grande said after she licked a doughnut without paying for it.
Ariana Grande after licking the doughnut: What the fuck is that! I hate Americans! I hate America!
by HeavyMetalGuy360 April 13, 2016
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When a girl uses her ass to tickle a guy’s dick or his face.
Amanda gave me a Butt Tickle last night and it felt super good.
by HeavyMetalGuy360 November 15, 2018
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