A vertical strip of hair on a man's chin, similar to a "flavor saver" but generally lower down on the chin. The name comes from the latin root "butt" referring to the tickling sensation on a woman's anus from the hair while the man eats out her pussy.
My friend stated that his girlfriend loves his butt tickler and his improved their sex lives astronomically.
by The Red Baron 2 January 2, 2006
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A person that is a pervert and only thinks perverted thoughts.
Avondre Johnson is a butt tickler, he always talks about my butt.
by Fred Fred Burgers September 8, 2013
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Any big bushy mustache usually worn by homosexual men to attract other homosexual men.
by Scuzzin420 May 4, 2018
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Any moustache circa 1978, found on any hawaiian shirt donning television private investigator or general flaming homo. also known as the "Cop Moustache", the "Burt Reynolds", the "Tom Selleck", or the "Magnum PI".
Look at this dude with his easter egg button down and Key West Butt Tickler.
by Major Moleface April 27, 2010
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a move where when you fuck a girl and stick your finger in her bum and wiggle your dick is called the texas butthole tickler
damn man i really gave that girl the texas butt-hole tickler
by fuckboyfrancis March 13, 2022
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