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Your extremely constipated all day and in a location where dropping this enourmous stinkloaf would be innappropriate so you decided to wait until you return to your own throne. After you squat and relieve your stomach of the huge bodily mass that has been baking in your belly all day, you come to find that your left with a raging woody from the state of euphoria you have achieved. Choosing what you do with the chubby is your own preference.
Beau: Oh man, I had to hold that dump in all day, I couldnt drop that turd at work. But boy oh boy was it relieving.

Sam: Want me to finish off your dirty diamond steel, I see your pitchin a little tent in your gym shorts there.

Beau: Ah what the heck, why not!
by IDropBombz May 19, 2011
The exact opposite of a mullet. Long hair in the front and short in the back. One might use the typical " Party in the front, and business in the back" Good for people who like to party and the wulletee's job entails their clientele to be more focused on the back of their head.
Wullet....enough said.
by IDropBombz April 6, 2011
When a fat, heavy turd is released from your butt while sitting on the toilet and the sheer weight of the log coming in contact with the water causes the toilet water to project up and clean your corn hole. Very rarely will you need to finish the job with toilet paper when this occurs thus saving paper. It is a blessing on our planet.
Hey man how did that number two go, heard a large splash from the kitchen thought you may have fell in.

Nah bro, just executed the Going Green Butt Wipe.

Wow your so eco friendly, I love you.
by IDropBombz April 6, 2011