Something you say to explain that nothing happened when you wished it would have.
Derek: Hey, Shane!! How was it with Shandi? Was it wowza??
Shane: Lotsa notsa, man. Lotsa notsa...
by von groovy August 22, 2017
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Verb; The act of saving up one's dick cheese and spreading it on a microwaveable gas station pizza to serve to one's girlfriend on the third date.

A proper Lotsa Mozza requires preparing a Lotsa Mozza name-brand pizza, found in Wisconsin gas stations; However, any microwaveable pizza will still qualify if served with the proper spirit.
Person 1: "Hey man, how's it going with your new girl?"
Person 2: "Oh, it's going great man. I Lotsa Mozza'd her and she totally loved it."
by bubtBadiance April 16, 2021
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