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A substitute noun when you get a mental block or just plain can't be bothered saying the word you mean. It's a bastardisation of the Greek word pousti (an insulting term for a homosexual man). Unlike the original Greek word, busti carries no homophobic connotations.
Hey, could you pass me the busti?
by vastheman August 16, 2009
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A word used to remind a staff member that they are not adhering to the newly defined roles within a company. Using the single word 'Busti' conveys to the staff member that they have forgotten the systems outlined in the staff meeting and they need to reevaluate their current methodology.
"Oh yeah, so bloody we need to maybe organise getting this out."
"Busti mate, busti"
"Yep sorry, can you please box this up and send it to the customer, the address label is on the box"
"No worries, love you"


"Why is that guitar out on the wall? It's a customer order."
"Oh i put the invoice in and it didn't flag"
"Yeah it's for a customer, I just ordered it over the phone because it was easier"
"Yeah sorry, I should have ordered that through the portal so it would flag as a customer order. Apologies"
"No worries, love you"
by wom busti June 13, 2018
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