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1. in poor condition
2. the quality or state describing a woman whose vagina has suffered considerable traffic and is likely to be hosting sexually-transmitted infection.
"bra, i would hump your sister but she looks pretty busted up."
by kagus christ November 03, 2003
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A person who looks like another person or has similar features to that person. In most cases the "busted up" person is usually less attractive.
"Dang! I just saw a busted-up version of you walkin' down the street."
"Yeah, I saw that. He had the same hair as me."
by BigEvilMetalhead February 24, 2010
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describes a condition of when the individual is high on drugs, usually ICE or extacy or a good combination of both.
"Man you look busted up, wtf did you do last night? Got any left??"
by wintermute November 06, 2003
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