An adjective describing a saying or activity that is cliche or "overdone".
Person A: That concert was the cat's pajamas!
Person 2: That's a little burnt; I would have said it was the bee's knees!
by Russ Reimann May 18, 2006
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Im pissed at you, dont wanna talk to you, wants nothing to do with that person. Someone who you now dislike untill they are un burnt.
Mary: Janee youre burnt you fucked my boyfriend!!!
Jane: whatt burntt FLM.
by BriskkBriskkk8500 July 30, 2011
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Another name for Muffin (someone really dark)
by Beezie November 10, 2005
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Guy: "hey, i'm gonna do a burnout at the end of this Cul-de-sac at 2am"

2nd Guy: "that's burnt"
by SD Cali August 31, 2010
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meaning you've smoked sooo much bud in your lifetime that you cant remember anything
dude i cant remember, im soooo burnt.
by 69bitty June 25, 2009
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The word hipseters use because they killed swag
Girls that do burnt shit for attention...
by Rulerofallswag October 10, 2011
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to see something nasty such as a old beat up car or some oil black rims. some to make fun of your head is burnt..ect
them rims is burnt
by j_dub July 2, 2004
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