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A dead-end, usually looped/circular road.
Jim: "How do I get to your place"
Chrissy: "Take 105th street north about 3 blocks. My place is in a cul-de-sac on the right hand side of the street"
by RUNIT December 26, 2005
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1) Commonly regarded as a road that ends in a sudden, bulbous loop, usually in a subdivision with large, expensive houses

2) A misspelling of "coldy sack"
1) The Jones family lived in the gray house at the cul de sac.

2) (see definition for coldy sack)
by The Halitosis Kid April 01, 2010
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When you approach a girl in a club, and she disses you before you arrive. Thus you turn right around and go back like driving in a cul-de-sac
Yo man, why did you bitch out?

She gave me the cul-de-sac
by Tin Man 24 June 22, 2009
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A hairstyle frequently sported by middle aged men, although unintentional in design. No hair on top, but hair all the way around the back and sides.
by Asmoradamordacatastindiculdicar December 30, 2007
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A french expression meaning "kill the sack." During the French Revolution, many scrotums were accidentally amputated by the guillotine. These scrotums would then land on some soft cheese and mutate into horrible monsters that would scurry about the streets of France. If you came across one, it would pounce on you and bite your neck, causing you to scream "Kill the sack! Kill the sack!" At that point it was the end of the road for you. Which is why we now use the term cul-de-sac to describe a dead end in the road.
I came to a cul-de-sac and had to turn around.
by duderino870 October 26, 2010
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A surgically created man-gina for a tranny; When a man "culls" his sac and adds a fake route for lost drivers. You can have a lot of fun testing out your ride in the culdesac, but it goes nowhere.
My boss had no fears of leaving his spawn in Thailand, all the he/she hookers sported culdesacs.
by Shemrick July 27, 2006
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