To burn the midnight oil implies working overtime or working over normal capacity.
"Looks like we're going to have to pull an all-nighter today. We're going to be burning the midnight oil."
by Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn April 07, 2006
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A clever way to ask your 420 friendly fuck buddy to come over late at night, do some dabs, and fuck like rabbits.

Similar to Netflix and chill.

And. . . It doesn't count if you're just smoking weed. Dabs only. kk?
Guy: Hey what r u doing?
Girl: Not much, just bored :-(
Guy: You wanna come over and burn that midnight oil?
Girl: Ummmm. . . Sure. . . why not? I haven't been high all day ;-)
by DoctahGonzo January 14, 2016
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To stay up all night working. Apparently some drop the "the", though this must be rare.
Man Bob, you must have really burned the midnight oil on this one!
by ManyTreez May 25, 2005
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