the act of entering a building or other places with the intent to commit theft
A burglary is person entered a store a night and stole a tweeter
by ajwalias May 4, 2008
When someone breaks into your house and only leaves you things instead of taking things.
or leaves you things on your front porch etc. without necessarily breaking into your home.
"Hey man, where'd you get that sweet fishing hat?" "I got reverse burgled last week."

To the cops: "I'd like to report a reverse burglary please. He left a twelve pack, a five gallon can of gas and a weed wacker" "Damn, last guy who got reverse burgled only got a tomato plant and some dental floss"
by sregoRrM September 17, 2010
The act of lining your purse or man-bag with tin foil and going to Cici's pizza place, and stealing pizza from the restaurant. often accomplished by charsimatic, young, and beatiful young women.
"hey sara, you can put your phone in your purse!"
"no i cant, it's filled with pizza!"
"but that's pizza burglary!"
"I know."
"that's not what emma would do!"
by Leon Elliot July 3, 2008
"Hey look Bob, there's a turd missing from your shit collection! Another TURD BURGLARY, another day!"
by Cronic Christoph November 16, 2017
to touch, fondle, suck, or fuck a sleeping person possibly, but not necessarily, against their will
I had him over last night in hopes of using my sex burglary skills to do stuff with him.
by Cole Reynolds November 23, 2007
The act of stealing a girlfriend from her current boyfriend, but in an elaborate way; once the heist has been executed, theme music from the Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, and thirteen play in your head. Then, you go to Vegas and watch the water jet show.
-So Luke is with Madison now.
-What?? Hasn't she been with Brandon for like four months?
-Ha! Right up until the best Cat Burglary of the new decade, I bet the theme music from that movie with George Clooney and Brad Pitt is playing in his head RIGHT now
by Gazetteer February 13, 2010
Something P/O Day of the 12th District made up. You won't find it in any crimes code book. However it only applies when the complainant does not know the offenders name, but they are in a relationship. The scene will always be contaminated, and the job will ALWAYS be founded. Be sure to contact the detective division prior to leaving the scene, as more often than not they want the scene held.
1237...wacha got out there? 1237...its going to be a domestic burglary, the complainant doesn't know the offenders name, but they are in a replationship.
by Domestic Burglary December 25, 2020