One who works by fixed routine, without exercising intelligent judgement.
A bureaucrat explained the regulation to me.
by James MacMillan September 8, 2006
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A person who instills obedience and conformity instead of independent thought
A bureaucrat advized me to keep working for my shitty boss even though he verbally abuses me
by Dubiks March 2, 2019
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the word bureaucrat is actually a combination French word bureau (office) and the Ancient Greek word kratos (κρατος in it's Ancient Greek form) meaning, literally, 'the self-proclaimed prerogative and power, via usurpation from the State, to issue legislative, executive or judicial orders' on behalf of said state
by Sexydimma January 9, 2014
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An alternative energy source to oil. Burning Bureaucrats creates jobs and is good for the environment.
These bureaucrats are killing my business! We should put the on a boat and burn it!
by Deathbypaperwork February 14, 2011
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Generally seen as lacklusters who at the same time want efficiency and who are usually associated with big things like the civil service and wads of paperwork. Though generally such types don't exist anymore, the stereotypical bureaucrat's favourite colour is brown of some variety and enjoys sucking the life out of stuff by involving lots of forms and not doing a lot themselves by delegating responsibilities yet retaining their power. Bureaucracy is thus a negative thing and to be avoided at all costs. You must remember not all bureaucrats are bad, look at Sam Lowry in Brazil. He just tried to correct someone else's mistake and so ended up...well i'd better not spoil it if you haven't seen the film but its bad. Thus disproving the point if all the good ones...having something bad happen. Just avoid bureacrats and all those kids whom aspire to be ones.
Examples of such bureaucracy containing bureaucrats for you to avoid include Banks, The Civil Service in Yes (Prime) Minister, 1984, Brazil Ministry of Information, Vogons
by TedV48 December 23, 2007
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noun - 1. Engaging in any activity for the sake of making one feel better about themselves, their organization, or their company without actually accomplishing anything. 2. Holding meetings to provide recommendations only to have management do what they wanted in the first place. 3. Holding special work group meetings to make the 'little people' feel ownership, when the decision has already been made by higher levels of management.
My boss has picked me to suffer through more Bureaucratic Masturbation, representing the department on a policy work group.
I spent the last 3 months researching the best candidate for the position and the Boss picked his pet employee anyway. God I hat Bureaucratic Masturbation!
by Bill Koogler January 15, 2008
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The state of which that procedure becomes more of a hindrance to a cause than the original cause.
Johnny would have won but, because he didn't pay attention to the bureaucratic bullshit and follow the 97 step process, Sarah won instead.
by ocean123456 January 6, 2016
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