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Generally seen as lacklusters who at the same time want efficiency and who are usually associated with big things like the civil service and wads of paperwork. Though generally such types don't exist anymore, the stereotypical bureaucrat's favourite colour is brown of some variety and enjoys sucking the life out of stuff by involving lots of forms and not doing a lot themselves by delegating responsibilities yet retaining their power. Bureaucracy is thus a negative thing and to be avoided at all costs. You must remember not all bureaucrats are bad, look at Sam Lowry in Brazil. He just tried to correct someone else's mistake and so ended up...well i'd better not spoil it if you haven't seen the film but its bad. Thus disproving the point if all the good ones...having something bad happen. Just avoid bureacrats and all those kids whom aspire to be ones.
Examples of such bureaucracy containing bureaucrats for you to avoid include Banks, The Civil Service in Yes (Prime) Minister, 1984, Brazil Ministry of Information, Vogons
by TedV48 December 23, 2007

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To also quote the Hitchhiker's Guide:

"One of the many problems encountered in time travel, is quite simply one of grammar"

Which as well as being hilariously funny, is also very true.
Due to the fact that I am currently am/was/will be in the process of time travel I was/willbe/ambeing fuck/ing/ed.
by TedV48 March 20, 2008

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