Belching loudly and then acting impressed and / or amused by his or her own belch.
Everyone in the meeting was disgusted by the way he kept burdening it in the meeting.
by CrunkJooce April 27, 2010
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Noun. Something that weighs you down. Usually a worry or a sore point you don't share with close friends or orangutangs.

You can also be a burden on someone else when you try and talk about your problems and worries to someone else.
Physical Hang ups, girlfriends, wife (wives) or debt. all of these are burdens.

Hayley: "I'm worried!"
Steve: "Shut up you have so many burdens! Don't become a burden yourself!"
by Jeffrey Douglas November 15, 2006
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A relatively tame and casual dismissal of a third party for their tiresome personalities or actions; typically used by passive aggressive people who are too polite to directly vent their frustrations
N: Did you hear that Vinay did none of the allocated group work for today's seminar?
M(internally): That fucking asshat tryna screw over all our lives with his incompetence
M: I know dude, he's "such a burden "
by Parasitical Pineapple October 23, 2017
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To drag, suck, ruin and anchor and break everyonees lives,
Notoriously known for ruining eveeryones life
Master I.o.u's
Synonym : Sebastian fournier
, leech, anchors, burden society, scum, dirt
" Damn, I can't buy smokes because he borrowed all my money, what a burden on my wallet"
by carlo garcia May 19, 2008
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phrase used when something doesn't go right for you.
he forgot his keys what a burden.
by Fattrav June 19, 2005
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