When you are giving it to a girl in the ass, you come out and ejaculate on her anus. You then procede to take a straw and suck out the semen.
when jimmy was getting it on in sally's ass, he suddenly turned gay and stated belching her.
by Askmeaboutmywiener1337 January 13, 2009
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Often used as a synonym for burp. A belch, however, is an obscenely loud, thunderous, and often foul-smelling burp.
A belch rang out signaling that the fat man had finished his meal.
by BlastMaster May 18, 2003
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Another term for a 'burp', to loudly expel air from the mouth.
"Them fizzy drinks really make me belch."
by Mad Walrus August 7, 2002
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A deep, earth-shaking explosion from the stomach through the mouth. The ultimate expression of manhood -- girls secretly dig it.
Girl 1: Is that Alex chugging beer over there...?

Alex: *BELCH*

Girl 2: Woah, I never realized what a manly man he is!

Girl 1: Omg, totally!!
by I-know-the-truth December 7, 2010
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Belch or Belching is a common greeting used on SGM.SERVEGAME.ORG where it was first concieved by Lukenadewalker by combining beer with crisps.

The loudness of the belch indicates "pleased" you are to meet the other person.
Luke: *Belch*
Rithrin: *Good to see you too*
by Rithrin December 16, 2011
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To expel smoke from machinery, or to burp very loudly.
The smoke stacks belched smoke into the air.
Boy, after i chugged that soda i let out an enormus belch.
by Lulubelle April 4, 2004
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what happens when you eat ice cream and drink a beer. tastes good, smells better. usually a loud sound created by pressurized gas escaping through the asophagus creating a melodic sound.
that belch killed the dog!
by tk October 28, 2003
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