an exceptionally large head
wow look at the bunyan on that guy
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
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An act of sexuality done to show love towards a female partner in a relationship, in which the male must put a stool of shit into a condom, and freeze it over-night. The next day, the frozen stool is presented to the female as a gift, to use as a dildo and then sexual intercourse follows.
I'm making my girlfriend a bashful bunyan, looks like I'm laid tonight!
by DirtyHank September 2, 2008
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A giant lumberjack who, among other things, created the Grand Canyon, The Mississippi, the Rocky Mountains, and all the lakes in Minnesota. Paul Bunyan lives on in Bemidji, Minnesota with his blue ox, Babe.
Come visit Paul Bunyan and Babe in Bemidji, Minnesota; Babe is hollow and one of his eyes is just a hole so birds live inside of him.
by Lucy, the Purple Cow September 22, 2006
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When a chick is giving you head and you grab her by the pigtails and pull her in close until her pigtails resemble ox horns. Then keep ramming until she turns blue, just like babe the blue ox!
I yell timber whenever I pull the "Paul Bunyan."
by crude rude June 3, 2009
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A pussy so beat up it forms bunyans on the clitoral region.
Jerry must have a bunyan clit from all that dick.
by baphometbepraised April 22, 2016
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when you wrap your dick up with a pancake, pour maple syrup all over it, and ram it into a chick!
Dude that hoe was full off that Paul Bunyan last night!
by B-Dunk & Stuts May 17, 2008
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