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1.)The leader of a pack/herd/etc.
2.) The dominant male.
3.)The main source of population.
In wolf packs,the alpha male will mate with every female in his territory,whether they have mated already,or even from another den/territory.
*Wolves mate for life*
by Jake October 15, 2004
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In the animal kingdom: a physical form of dominance over other males. The alpha male lion claims sexual rights to all females, fights off other male lions to force it, eats first after every hunt and dominates the land for hunting rights.

Aspects of a human alpha male: a) ability to protect oneself (rarely senselessly endangering oneself) b) leading others c) being a successful speaker that can persuade people with his logic d) not being afraid of confrontations such as arguments e) high social intelligence f) very high work ethic and drive to succeed; a strong desire to produce, earn, and excel (debunking the theory of the playboy who's mildly retarded with no skills and work ethic) g) a strong desire to shape one's environment rather than be shaped by it. This often means being direct about your desires, intentions, and needs with the opposite sex. h) being the exact opposite of a loser (a failure monetarily and socially) i) promoting survival and good genetics while refraining from jealousy, passive aggressive SWPL and IBS tactics

The vast majority of men are very indirect about their desires sexually. Many women who date so-called alpha males are essentially completely unskilled in the field of fellatio, demonstrating that they were really dating passive beta males. The common belief that all attractive women exclusively date alpha males is patently false; all attractive women would be world class in all sexual endeavors if that was the case.
Guy 1: Why do so many men on the internet blame their failures with women on the women themselves? Guy 2: A real alpha male takes responsibility for his actions. He doesn't blame women for his failures with them. After all, women are the consumer of your shlong and it is his job to produce a product that has value and is worth buying.

Guy 1: Why are so many self-proclaimed alpha males so bitter, angry, and dogmatic? Guy 2: An alpha male does not let his emotions overcome him and only believes things if he has crystal clear evidence to do so. The emotional nature and dismissive attitudes of most people online dismiss them from being alphas. Guy 1: Men who passive aggressively belittle other people in an attempt to one-up them are often mistaken for alpha males. Unfortunately, this is social proof failing their deceptive façade.

Guy 1: Why isn't physical dominance #1 in being an alpha? Guy 2: picking fights often is a sign of hostility, higher stress levels and causes a lower life expectancy. Surviving and passing on genes is the most alpha possible thing and not surviving for very long is as beta as possible. Overtly aggressive men rarely command the respect of their peers.

Guy 1: Why do most alpha males have penis sizes that are only slightly above average? Guy 2: Because most people are close to the average, and being genetically lucky to cause FCE often doesn't lead to much personal development.
by Eric Kazinsky May 25, 2014
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The term 'Alpha Male' can be defined in both a classical and modern sense. The classical definition derives from the animal kingdom and represents a physical form of dominance over other males. The alpha male lion, for example, claims sexual rights to all females, fights off other male lions to enforce it, eats first after every hunt and dominates a vast territory of land for hunting rights.

In a modern/human sense, younger males (teens, early 20s) will subscribe to the classical form. Like a lion, they will often be the strongest, most intimidating, hit on all of the women beta males want, are usually the first to have new sexual experiences and often dominate a set territory in thier 'hunt' for new women, such as local nightclub scenes.

Older alpha males, however, will evolve the classical traits of stength, intimidation and dominance beyond the physical by gaining power over men through thier very means of living and professional reputation. A powerful business executive, for example, will hire, promote, demote and fire others according to how well they serve his own interests. Rock stars, famous actors and other individuals of 'power' hold very simular capabilities over others in thier respective professions.

Younger alpha males who cannot mature into the modern form will usually cling to the classical form of alpha-maleness for as long as possible.
Mike Tyson was the alpha-male of boxing until Evander Holyfield defeated him, while Bill Gates is currently the alpha male of the software industry.
by Doc Xavian December 29, 2008
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The alpha male is an act that is performed by males usually in their teens and twenties who act tough, are loud, and have to be the center of attention or they feel insecure. When a man is successful and in his thirties he no longer acts this way because he has grown up and realized that the entire alpha male act is phony. When was the last time you saw a rich, successful man try to pick a fight??? Never. The only guys that do this are the losers that go to bars to take their anger out because they are angry inside for going nowhere in life.
35yr old alpha male at the bar,"I'm bald, fat, I make 7 dollars an hour and I work a job I hate...what are you looking at? Do you want to fight? I need to kick someones ass today because my boss ripped me an new asshole for burning the fries at McDonalds and I need to take it out on someone."
by Matt (Miggs) McMillin April 07, 2008
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A tool that will do anything to be the center of attention and be the dominant male. A phony act insecure people put on.
A perfect example of an alpha male or (toolbag) would be Fonzzy on happy days.
by Miggity Matt April 11, 2008
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Alphamale - a man who is powerful or high on the social ladder. The status of the alpha is generally achieved by means of superior physical, mental or athletic prowess.
Kobe Bryant is the alphamale on his team.
by ThomII May 03, 2008
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