The mountain range that runs through the mid-west. Quite possible the most beautiful place ever. Especially around the 3OH!3 in Colorado. Mountains best known for amazing skiing, best scenery, highest roads and tunnels in the country, and they're simply amazing.
by Raptor_2010 October 9, 2009
A Rocky Mountain is a delicious alcoholic beverage consisting of 3 quarters Mountain Due and 1 quarter rum, served on the rocks.
Davey: hey Ian were out of coke, pass me the mountain due and rum.

Ian: are you making a rum and mountain due over there?

Davey: yes i am and its going to be delicious.

Ian: what an amazing drink. Were going to call it a Rocky Mountain
by davey thenavy October 30, 2010
to shit on a girl and throw her down the stairs
Don't make pull a rocky mountain on you bitch
by negrra November 12, 2007
verb. To make something disappear, as if by use of magic or witchcraft, out of necessity or for personal gain.
origin - from Sean's trip to Denver. Flying into the airport, Sean looked out the window expecting to see the Rocky Mountains, but saw nothing but flat land.
I'm gonna Rocky Mountain that whole plate of Brownies!


Michelle sharted herself, so she had to Rocky Mountain her pantaloons!
by eee bee mini August 31, 2006
We use the term Rocky Mountains when referring to either selling or doing crack. Because of the reference to crack rocks =Rocky mountains
You wanna go skiing in the Rocky Mountains or you wanna go to Alpine Valley?? Either way it'll take me an hour to get there!
A minimum of two people attempt to place as many peables in their anus before blood exposure, if a sharp of heavy rock is used the player receives double points for his/her attempt
'Hey Nathan, me and Zoe were heading of for a quick game of Rocky Mountain. Wanna join in?'
by 7Downeys February 15, 2016
A Rocky Mountain canary is a humorous nickname for burros; so-called because of their melodious brays.
We were serenaded by a Rocky Mountain canary.
by Cranberry Bob May 7, 2020