Bunked - To skip something, such as an event, school, or work.
Today i Bunked a lesson because it was going to be boring.
by Daniel Briant April 17, 2008
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Unknowingly repeating information that is a hoax, prank, or general misinformation that has surfaced on the internet or by word of mouth. Generally the person is repeating information that is highly illogical or just unbelievable and thinks they have stumbled upon something brand new that they have to share with everyone ASAP!
Brian: Bro, I saw where they are coming out with hover boards pretty soon!
Alex: No shit, I dont believe it!
Brian: Yea bro, here is the youtube video: (video: A4vE_vpkr90)
Alex: Oh OK it must be real then.

Alex: Bro they finally came up with hover boards!!! Brian showed me the video.

Me: Bullshit, that whole thing was a hoax (provide them with link). Brian just bunked the fuck out of you and Im getting really tired of DE-bunking him.
by coderman April 7, 2014
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a. Straight up whack.
b. Bad, beat.

The chick the drama guy hooked up with last night was so bunked, I wanted to puke
by John K. Pardee September 12, 2007
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When you are a little more than buzzed but not yet drunk you are bunked.
I was the perfect level of intoxication last night...a little more than buzzed but not yet drunk, I was definitley bunked.
by ATlanna June 3, 2006
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To use something without paying for it
I bunked the train = I did not buy a ticket
by Ted371 December 28, 2007
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when a frisbie goes up your ass and out your mouth.
what happened to that kid oh he got bunked.......Damn
by big mac sTAIN August 25, 2011
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