fucked up beyond all repair (or recognition)
The guy has been 'cage fighting' for the last decade! Its little wonder his face is FUBAR! His mother probably has to sniff him to recognize him as her baby!
by talk2me-JCH2 July 22, 2022
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A military acronym used when things could not get any worse. Stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition - FUBAR.
"Damn...no hot food, no warm beds, all night patrols, not enough equipment, and no beer in site. Damn...this mission is FUBAR."

"Crap, Sarge got hit with a mortar and is now FUBAR'ed."
by MAB91c December 10, 2009
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situation: crew of 8 is being told about an airplane crash. Some dumbass had the great idea of welding a couple steel plates to the bottom of the plane to protect the general from ground fire. unfortunately the dumbass didnt tell the officer in command untill they were airborn. they crashed and 31 died.
Caparzo: FUBAR
Jackson: Ya'll got that right. (nods head)
Uppham: I couldn't find FUBAR in the German dictionary, can you just tell me what it means?
by Oliver Quidgeums May 18, 2006
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Fucked Up beyond All Recognition. Generally used in the context of a situation/operation/mission that is messed up so bad it is beyond salvaging. FUBAR comes after ATFU. Also generally used when describing something that is akin to a Monkey Shit Fight.
When I started working for this company, I just figured their M.O. was SNAFU, however, after a few months, I realized they were just ATFU, now given their current state, they are FUBAR.
by JSP123 October 12, 2008
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Mititary + now general usage for fucking up big time!
Fucked up beyond all recognition! - F.U.B.A.R (FUBAR)
Thought of this cos done a couple in the last 24hrs :-( I'm on 5.41, but a classic example of defining the word starts around 6.20. The pilot describes one major fuck-up........FUBAR!!
Was the first time i'd heard it, but understand it comes from the German word 'Furchtbar'
by Mag7g July 29, 2011
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(1) Fucked up beyond all recognition
(2) Canadian indie film about two headbangers
It's my last night in town, so let's get FUBAR tonight
by nicoleishot September 3, 2010
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