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Comes from the Bundesrepublik Deutschland. A very versatile word that can describe anything awesome. Often sexual. Can be a noun, adjective, or verb. Pronounced with a long "u," and a short "e."
Adj: Geoff: "Dude, that girl is soo bundes." e.g is very hot

Verb: Lucas: "Yah, I would totally bundes with her." e.g, have sex with.

Noun: Geoff: "Yah, she has so much bundes, its just like das bundes, bundes, bundes, budes."
by 319qwertyuiop May 16, 2011
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anything related to and from modern Germany:
bundes-autobahn, bundes-flag, bundes-fussball, bundes-capitol, bundes-beer, bundes-boys
by Anonymous January 10, 2005
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a response that can be used for any question if you do not know a suitable answer. "Nabunde" is the negative response.
Q: what are the migrational characteristics of a llama?
A: Bunde.

Q: are you gay?
A: Nabunde.
by gilo December 01, 2004
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