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Launde are young Indian guys who typically dont know what they are doing but they still do it as they know no one else would do it if they dont do IT. Sometimes pronounced as "Lauunde" and "Laundaas", these guys have to go through the ups and downs of the "Launda Life". Actually Launda is not a part of any language. Its basically used to describe the "good for nothing guys". Any Indian reading this would know that Laundaas are found everywhere in the country. Let it be big sky rocketing buildings or Mumbai slums.

Sometimes people say "Apne Launde sab karenge" (My Laundaas will do everything) as they know that Laundaas can't refuse even if they are asked to wipe shit or even eat it.

The origins of the Launda culture can be traced backd to 1857 AD when Indian Guys realised that there are more things to do than just agriculture. So instead of working on the fields they started to have Paan (Some stuff rolled in a leaf), and Bidi (indian ciggie, this too in a leaf), and just started noticing the red hot indian gurlzz. So this "Wella Launda" culture has since been a part of the Indian tradition and has transformed from a Village Launda to a Corporate Launda.

Laundaas are of two types. One are ba*cho* Laundaas who have no job, no girl and no money. The second type are the working Laundaas who bring the Launda culture to the corporates. You can see these Laundaas in suburbs like Gurgaon, Noida, Navi Mumbai etc.

There is another from which is not easily found. This is the "Frustraya hua Launda" (FHL). FHL is typically a person who is too frustrated to be a laundaa but he cant be called anything else. This from can be violent at some times and can lead to acts such as sexual harrasment, bad evaluations, fight with seniors, fights on the road and even going to jail....

Anyone workin in the suburs and within the age group of 20-25 is a launda and a part of launde.
by A Launda October 07, 2006
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