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1. sex between a male and a female
C'mon baby, lets got get a pizza and bump uglies back at my place.
by Bud E Love May 15, 2003
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doing the nasty, fucking, making love, screwing, having sex.
No, mom. Me and Amy were bumping uglies when you called last night. It was off the hizzoook!
by Luvmaker November 14, 2004
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Slang term used for two people having sexual intercoarse
Chad's Mom : Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Wow It's so BIG!
Steve : Oh Chad's Mom! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!

Chad : Hey Steve im gonna room with you for a while the wifey threw me out OH MY GOD!
Steve : Hey Chad I was just Bumping Uglies with you mom! (wink)
Chad's Mom : GET THE FUCK OUT CHAD! Oh my god it's so BIG!
Steve : Oh Chad's Mom! Oh Chad's Mom!
Chad : Oh Chad is gonna be sick!
Chad's Dad : Hey Chad I need to talk to your mom have you seen her?
Chad : Yeah she's over at Steve's apartment Bumping Uglies with him!
by SlopNChop December 03, 2018
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