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Juliana also known as Juli is a heckin kewl person. She is that one person you probably love just because she is that cool. While some people may claim she's not cool they are probably just hating and are most likely whack. She is amazing!
Juliana is honestly pretty cool.
Oh do you know Juliana, you should so get to know her.
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by theycallmejuliandimsokewl July 22, 2019
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All right, why don’t you just compost me?
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most people are lucky to even talk to her , but to have the privilege of having this amazing girl actually call you her best friend , it's awe-striking. she might use her emo powers on you every once in awhile , but other than that nobody really deserves this girl , not even *** . she's such a beautiful girl that everybody goes gay for her ( except me , you can miss me with that gay shit . ) she might be a lil beaner , but i swear she makes the best ramen noodles ever . i love this girl a lot , and having the opportunity to start off your sentences like ' juliana did this really funny thing when we were on facetime ... ' she's so original and everybody's always trying to snatch her weave , but im always behind her stitching it back on . i never really express how much she means to me , because i'm not tryna seem gay on my snapchat story , but believe me i will always tease her on how she has a non-existent jawline . this little girl always looks for the best in people , so don't let her down , she doesn't deserve that . if you have a juliana in your life , be grateful and appreciate her , she needs love and affection to stay alive ;)
emely : " is that juliana over there? "
juliana : " im literally right here , you always do this shit to me . "
by vsco.emely August 20, 2018
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Juliana is the funniest and youthful girl you'll meet! She has a child spirit but a mature mind. She has a crush once and a while but doesn't think she is good enough. She thinks she is ugly but it doesn't stop her from smiling. She is a guys/girls dream girl once they get to know here. She is an animal lover and loves mystery. She always lends a helping hand and deals with peoples crap.
Thomas:"I didn't realize Juliana was so cool"
Jack:"Yeah she is cute too'
by Cactuss January 11, 2018
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is a fine ass girl and she is basically the definition of fine she is loyal as hell and is the best at being mean to her friends she most likely dates a ugly boy named matthew she doesn’t care about the looks because look at matthew he’s ugly buh she is very athletic.
β€œ hey juliana !!! β€œ said all her boy friends
by maffuu September 19, 2019
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Juliana is known to be funny! She is creative and makes anyone feel good on a bad day. If you are ever sad, go talk to Juliana, she will find a way to make you happy again.
She is also the best friend you can ever ask for!
Bob: "I'm feeling sad today."
Me:" Go talk to Juliana!!"
by mimi2607 November 25, 2016
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A girl that is everything. She is the best thing a man could ask for in life and is badass. We is the most cutest girl in the world and she doesn't even notice it. She's smart, beautiful, funny, she is everything. She is special but she doesn't know she is. She is amazing. She will always be there for you no matter what. If u ever meet a Juliana ur the luckiest person in the world.

Juliana: All u could ever want
by James Rodgers December 21, 2015
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