Stuff that, while peripheral, is essential to the texture of well-created sets for movies.

Critical element to superior set decoration world-wide, though perhaps more commonly associated, in general, with New York or British-made films, among others.

Creates an ambience opposite to "oh, so Hollywood."

Production Designer, Brit, (viewing a new set): Fantastic! Beautiful work. (entering and looking more closely): But where's the bumph?

Savvy New York Decorator: Sorry, the WHAT?

Brit Designer: You know, the bits and bobs.

NY Decorator: Oh, we have 40 boxes; they're unpacking them now.

Brit Designer: Brilliant.

Brit Designer: Where's the bumph?

One-size-fits-all Decorator: Huh?

Brit Designer: You know, the bits and bobs.

One-size-fits-all Decorator: Huh?

Brit Designer: The effing STUFF!

One-size-fits-all Decorator: Huh?
by escuchon May 13, 2008
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My intray is full of bumph.
by starflier December 8, 2003
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to put a small amount of ketamine up ones nose
fancy a quick bumph?
by zooooooooom July 8, 2009
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To poke someone in the belly while simultaneously saying the word "bumph" when they don't expect it. You can also add the phrase "Did that hurt?" after the bumph has been issued. It is not necessary but adds a significant effect to the bumph. Sometimes the bumpher will bumph you back and at that point, the only proper way is to bumph back leading to a bumph war. During a bumph war, the bumpher may add in some more phrases such as, "You ate the dirty grapes!!" or "Her hair, its so short!" while the person getting bumphed responds with, "Pheeeeasant foooooot" or "Ouch! DAT HURT!!"
Lisa: "Bumph! Did that hurt?"
Tom: "Ouch! Stop it! that hurt. Bumph!!"
Lisa: "Bumph, you ate the dirty grapes!"
Tom: "No you did! Your hair.......its sooooo short!"
Lisa: "OHHHHH goddddd, Bumph"
Tom: "Pheeeeasant foooooot"
Lisa: "Once you name it......"
Tom: "You get attached to it!"
by Pustai February 23, 2008
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1. Used to described objects or materials that are thought of as cluttering or invasive to one's personal space.
"I'm selling this Bumph on eBay to get some cash and make some space up in here!"
by Reuben Achello February 16, 2010
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instead of masturbating, one furiously rubs his dick on a mattress. usually he starts slow and quickens the pace after about 10 mins. Bumphing usually leads to long hard orgasms. The aftermath is usually a wet bed and a underside dickburn. Usually it leaves the person concentrated and satisfied.
Mom: What happened to your bed? Its been wet since this morning!
Son: Sorry mom, I was bumphing before I went to school, it helps my concentration.
by Michael Holer May 19, 2015
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