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Urba-diction may be the crème de la crème of all addictions.

Characterized by extreme highs or euphoria, jones-ing, loss of control, compulsion, anxiety, winning, losing, and possible failure to eat, sleep, or accomplish any required tasks.

x: She was doing just fine 'til the urba-diction got her.

y: Yeah, they need a PROGRAM for that.
by escuchon May 13, 2008

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To be maximally disrespectful in reply to someone else's comment––under the guise of disaffectation, ennui, apathy.
x: Whoa. Did you just WHATEVER me?
y: Whatever. No! Like, it means nothing, you know?.
x: No. You whatevered me, asshole. You are totally fired.
by escuchon May 19, 2008

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a. High intensity inner monologue (in some cases dialogue) that distracts or interrupts activities in the external world.

b. Source of artistic inspiration; often brilliant, sometimes hard to keep pace with.

c. Stuff going on in your head that suggests you should maybe get a second opinion (other than yourself) about your mental well-being.
x: Um, so would that be a yes or a no?

y: Oh, did you say something? Brain chatter going high volume there. Sorry. What was the question?

x: Will you marry me?

y: Oooo – hey, can I get back to you on that? It's really busy in here right now and I'm missing part of what they're saying.
by escuchon May 12, 2008

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Chat-chat, talking without intent; meanwhile eye-cruising.
Whatever girl, she could be talking to George, but she would be looking at Jim, and the whole time she was thinking about Steve. Y'know, shoulder surfing.
by escuchon May 14, 2008

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verb: to humph someone or to go humphing around.

Pronounced hmffff; requires practice to vocalize properly. High-pitched rendering particularly effective. Short for harumph.

x: I did nothing.
y: You just said she was humphing up and down all over the place, dude.
x: I don't know what I did.
y: You better figure it out.
by escuchon May 14, 2008

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Fit of uncontrollable snorking, during which the snorker is rendered helpless.

The victim is often in a state of extreme distress; not to be confused with fake snorking.

x: That snorkgasm she had yesterday was shit-scary.

y: We almost had to take her to the emergency room, duh. Thank god she finally passed out.

x: Yeah, I hope that never happens to me.

y: Dude, you have no sense of humor. Not likely.
by escuchon May 13, 2008

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Ca-ca, crap, bullshit, poo––particularly of intellectual, verbal, or emotional variety.
Hey Roy! Quit talking all that cha-cak, would you? You're giving me a brain pain.
by escuchon May 14, 2008

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