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To have a a party or social gathering and the police show up. ; shut down.
Todd: "Hey you going to Maria's house tonight?"

Jake: "No way man, it's definitely going to get bumped."
by Suzy Q11 September 09, 2015
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To be left out or left on your own by a group of people
Person 1: Did nobody tell you about that party?
Person 2: No!
Person 1: You've been Bumped!
by EPC April 02, 2008
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When you've got the raw end of a deal, most commonly associated with cannabis.
Dan: Here Dave, I got 10 oz of skunk, lets party!
Dave: This isn't skunk, it's parsley! a fucking herb! And its only 2 ounces, you've been seriously bumped!
by The Master E March 14, 2007
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Word used as a descriptive for being stiched-up in any particular sale or transaction. Commonly heard on the streets and housing estates of South London, UK following a drugs deal.
Damn! I paid for 14 ounces of weed, and I got given 10. I got bumped!
by DC December 10, 2004
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to get in trouble; to fuck up and end up serving time, suspended or whupped depending on the action
Oh shit, Tommy got bumped last night. I saw the cops at his place and I knew he was in trouble.
by Zaniyah March 08, 2006
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fired, terminated, 'let-go', layed-off, R.I.F., OUT THE DOOR!!...

-largely acquiring the "shitty end of the stick", in about ANY situation...-(see other defs)

bumped works particularly well for the 'work' environment!!
mcfoolsley co. bumped the stupid hippie they suspected of stealing from them!!

Madeline bumped big ed from her crotch

working like a slave, i eventually was bumped out the door...

u.d. bumped this definition from the realm of publish acceptability!

you're not working mac? (mac:) those ass-sucks BUMPED me!!
by michael foolsley October 24, 2011
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1. Getting the raw end of the deal. Usually short changed by some cheap barmaid. The word is an utterance of injustice, like some kind of 1980's victim shit.

2. Convincing a girl that anal sex is a pretty good idea. Usually with the aid of some sort of drug/alchol. These slick bastards tell the girl 'its going to be alright' and 'i'll be gentle' and 'it's just another expierence, you like expierences right?'

3. Pimp talk for making your woman work all day and night and giving her nothing in return, except maybe a spanked ass and a cheese burger.
Missy: He's such a cheap bastard, i work 9-to-5 and come home to shit... i'm so getting bumped.'

Dave: 'Sheila is drunk as hell... she's gonna get bumped tonight.'
by johnny_dust September 24, 2005
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