Nickname for graffitti.
Girl: Let's go graff up the school tonight.
Boy: Sure, I'll get the spraypaint.
by Angus the superduck June 10, 2005
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short for graffiti...graffiti is coo
there way better graff here in Los angeles that there is in NYC and the whole weak east coast hahaha WEASTCOAST BITCHES 4life..
by robert February 14, 2005
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same as a tag
ur graff is ur identity eg.
Jermaine: Yo Slaps
Nathan: Holla Jermaine wos urrrp??
by Lil Gangta Girl August 10, 2003
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ones chance to destroy something that isnt theirs. for example - graff can be dropped on someones car for i give a fuck. FUCK EVERYONE.
Jari: im gonna graff up the hood tonight
Ryder: graff up ma crib and i take y'all sorry ass
Jari: hit up tha graff brother
by dseaz April 16, 2005
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slang/short word for graphic, when describing a graphic scene, or something that was very enjoyable and graphic.
"Hey blud that rave was graff"
"Last night me and my chick did some graff stuff"
by Balaban December 3, 2007
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