1. One of the best, rawest rappers out in the game.

2. A good actor but is WAY better as a rapper.

3. A type of shoe made by Reebok.
by F-Type August 3, 2003
1) DMX -aka- Earl Simmons, also refered to as the "Grand Champ" of hip hop.
2) Dark Man X
3) Dark Man baby, X for short
4) Damien

4) Listed as a manic depressant with extreme paranoia, and dog "he" got somthin' fo ya!!! ;)P
DMX is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time.
by Jonny Blaze February 22, 2004
I HATE rap to death, but I will listen to DMX any day.
by we2t4t54 August 30, 2003
my baby! da best damn rapper up in herre!
"Hey did you see dat sexy piece-a ass walk by?"
"Hell yeah MOFO dats DMX biatch"
by Kimmy June 9, 2003
A lighting protocol with 512 channels. DMX uses XLR cables to "Daisy-chain" lights together or the lights are hooked up to dimmer packs also.
Intellegent lights are usually DMX controlled
by dj scrizzle August 23, 2003
A shoe made by Reebok characterized by an air pocket the runs the entire length of the shoe.
Reebok's DMX running shoe is not to be confused with the popular rapper/actor DMX.
by DigitalKlepto April 25, 2003
A real, deep, sexy & very talented rapper/actor who If I had the chance to get in da bed with would turn white from all the nasty stuff I'd do to him ;)
too "XXX" rated for all of you... I'Ma FrEaK!! j/k (only sometimes ;) )
by lala January 5, 2004