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1. One of the best, rawest rappers out in the game.

2. A good actor but is WAY better as a rapper.

3. A type of shoe made by Reebok.
by F-Type August 03, 2003
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I show no love, to homo thugs
empty out, reload and throw mo slugs
by ledue July 22, 2005
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1) DMX -aka- Earl Simmons, also refered to as the "Grand Champ" of hip hop.
2) Dark Man X
3) Dark Man baby, X for short
4) Damien

4) Listed as a manic depressant with extreme paranoia, and dog "he" got somthin' fo ya!!! ;)P
DMX is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time.
by Jonny Blaze February 21, 2004
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Surgery wit the chainsaw grrrrr, I hit the fuckin streets
cause like I said before ain't nothin goin down until I eat
Mu'fuckers think it's all about impressin bitches and stressin bitches
Well, I'm testin bitches game, adressin bitches, and caressin bitches
And dealin wit mu'fuckers on all levels
What I'm dealin wit is all devils, fuckin with snakes
Runnin wit niggaz you call rebels
I got an army of 730 niggaz, dirty niggaz
that come through and worry niggaz
30 niggaz that like to bury niggaz
And scary niggaz get it all the time
cause what they got is all of mine
Your man was talkin shit until I pulled the nine
And if I don't know you, I don't fuck witchu
And if you wit my man, then he gettin stuck witchu
and gave it the money
Cause I just lost my mind when he crossed the line
Sent his back through his chest
then I tossed the nine, boss of crime
Black Gotti, I stack bodies wit the black shotty
Bitch-ass niggaz who act snotty
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Thats an example of E.Simmons laying down the realness
by J. GALLOWS June 03, 2004
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The greatest rapper till ever embrace the world to this date.

Also see god.
DMX: How you gonna explain fkin a man?
DMX: Even if we squashed the beef I aint touchin ya hand!
by Gangsta2005 May 09, 2005
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I HATE rap to death, but I will listen to DMX any day.
by we2t4t54 August 30, 2003
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