A style of hair in which the hair is scrunched up to form a "bump". The higher the bump, the higher the amount of friends an individual will have.
"Oooo gurl, how'd you get that bump so... high?" -Rachelle
"I practice perfecting it in my free time in order to acquire just the right amount of bounce, height, & shine." -Hillary
by Rushonda Smack Johnson January 05, 2011
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1. To give "props"(usually in terms of graffiti art)
1. Yo that graff piece Manny did is hella raw. I bump that

other guy: BUMP BUMP BUMP!

first guy: dude stfu.
by Chris st. October 02, 2005
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Bump is a progressive band from Detroit, Michigan consisting of Yorg Kerasiotis, Yorg, Chris Sterr, Clint Carpenter, Bryce Carroll-Coe. Bump is popular around the USA, as they have toured to places such as Miami, LA, Denver, and New York. As of 2009, they have played over 700 shows played in 35 plus states. Bump brands itself as "the new Detroit sound."
Bump Groove.
by Houston'sFinest October 27, 2009
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1. To kill someone
2. To accidentally hit something
1. "I'm sure I bumped him off last year"
2. "I bumped into that table when I wasn't looking and now I need to wear this eye patch"
by Brendan November 11, 2003
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A hand signal exchanged between friends in which they each bump each other's fists thumb-side up. Many friendly people have this worked into a set handshake that may also include a hand slide or other sophisticated hand greeting.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005
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