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1. The act of two females interlocking their legs and humping genitalia to genitalia. 2. When two women Bump Uglies
I knew the party had just started when I caught 2 girls bumpin' monkeys in my room!! Sweet!!
by The Chef July 23, 2003
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A guy that goes to clubs, gets on the dance floor, and purposely bumps into chicks hoping that the chick will start grinding with him.
That fuckin bump monkey out there just tried to grind on my girl. Lets beat his ass!
by Chuck Bucket February 07, 2005
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A drug addict that will do anything for a fix and visits the drug dealer too often. annoying weak person
"He's just a fucking bump monkey trying to stay in my sac".
by Gkelly September 03, 2005
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Any member of an internet message board who is contributing unsolicited and unappreciated posts to another member's thread with the unintended result of "bumping" the thread to the top of the list of threads each time and thereby keeping the thread current and potentially popular.
"Man it really annoys me when he replies to my threads. I wish he'd go bother someone else. Oh well, at least I get bumped to the top everytime he does. He probably doesn't even realize he's my bumpmonkey."
by Decovelet September 05, 2011
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