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Bulbing when a person has taken a large amount of class A drugs an is "off there face" you would call this bulbing.
Oh my god ben is bulbing his head off ,
what have you taken you are bulbing
by curly wurly girly June 20, 2009
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The practice of smoking Crystal Meth or Crack Cocaine out of a lightbulb.
Not having my glass pipe ready, we opted to use the lightbulb for a bit of bulbing.
by Denis Baldwin December 22, 2003
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When a man uses a bulb like instrument such as a turkey baster to suck the semen out his boyfriends anus and then devour the juice from the bulb.
Iā€™ve seen that Tim with a bulb... his boyfriend said he gave him a good bulbing last night! Gross!
by GrumpyJohnson August 13, 2019
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