Buick was a premium automobile manufacturer that formed the financial foundation for the creation of General Motors in 1908. Since then, Buick has been a premium division of General Motors. For over 100 years, Buick has produced some of the most reliable and stylish American automobiles available to the world.

Buick is currently moving towards luxury status and is stretching out internationally. It is predicted that within the next few years Buick will have higher annual sales in Asia than in the US.
Buick's venerable reputation as a choice vehicle for "doctors" & β€œlawyers” was built upon their unmatched level of comfort and bullet-proof reliability that insured the doctor and lawyer would arrive at their appointments safely, in style, and respectably β€œon time” regardless of conditions.
by Revere April 07, 2004
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A pretty badass car that Is reliable and a tank.Often Gets confused with Caddilac and or Police car.I've had 2 of them ran one into another car and 2 people didnt even realize it.Nicknames include but are not limited to "Land Yacht" "Marios M1" "Tank" "Boat" "Ghetto Cruiser". See above photo.
Dang man that was a pretty hard hit, that highway wall coulda messed us up. Good thing we're in your Tank of a Buick. Gotta luv this car.
by $uper M8-)rio January 09, 2005
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Understated elegance coupled with refined road manners and ride. Philosophically, if Saturn is the car of stoics, Buick would be the Epicurean brand, in the tradition of Petronius, the Arbiter of Elegance. Used by Harley Earl as the platform for many of his experimental creations, the brand had taken a grandfatherly aura prior to the arrival of Bob Lutz at GM, and now is poised to regain some of the style that originally characterized the marquee.
The Buick Park Avenue gives me everything Cadillac does, for $10,000 less.
by Xygabenos June 23, 2005
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one of the sickest fucking rides around
lipinski rolled up in his mutha fucking buick full with dope hoes
by oakville thugz May 01, 2005
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decent car company that gets a rep 4 old people only liking it cause of the lesabre. however, that is the only old persons car they make. im driving a 96 buick and im 16 lol. and my parents each have newer 1s (01 and 04)
well, the buick lesabre is mostly driven by old ppl, but my dad goes real fuckin fast in his. and i love my old riviera
by Black_Buick August 10, 2004
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The ultimate sleeper,an old school buick is basically a chevy so they can handle mor than ricers.the 96 buick roadmaster is the same as a 96 impala and can hold a 427 gm crate motor and know one wood expect to lose to a buick.
damn that gnx buick has a deep meaning dude.
by Mac Money August 03, 2005
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The Buick Verano, Is known as one of the fastest sport cars around, The Buick Verano is faster then any Bugatti or Ferrari around. The Buick Verano is mostly driven around by older people but the young people that drive these vehicles are the coolest people around, The Buick Verano is a all around good car. Some street names of this vehicle are: The Red Rocket, Pure American Muscle, The Lambo Slayer, The Smoke Giver. If you ever see a Buick Verano on the street dont try to race it because you will lose! But most importantly, Respect the Buick Gang.
Lamborghini Owner: OMG, Its the red rocket, Everyone give this man some respect!
Ferrari owner: That is the coolest car around!
Buick Owner: I know!
by Spenerina November 14, 2019
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