When something, usually a cat "Reeks to high Buggery"

What type of cat is that? ...

Oh it's a High Buggery Reek

Think...Smelly Cat

The thing is with a high buggery reek ... The lights are often not all on upstairs, you can tell by their vacant expression.

Probably a deformity caused by inhaling the gas like substance that is in their mouths.

You find a daily neck stretch releases the gases and omits them for a time.

Often owned by posh people who say in a plummy voice

"It's a high Buggery Reek! Let's give you a good neck stretching dear sir"
The High Buggery Reek needs a very specific type of handling
It like a circle, it never end
Me and my bros are sadistic fucks, going to Bestival and having the gnarliest circle of buggery
by Submarine Hunter February 26, 2021
A common sexual lubricant popular among metro-sexuals, altar boys, federal prisoners,and members of Parliament and their aides. Usually made from recycled deep-fryer oil.
"Pass the buggery butter Vic....I just hired a new personal assistant".
by Morris Rufus March 16, 2016