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The Greek goddesses of retribution. There were three of them, with hideous features, snakes for hair, and eyes which wept blood. They sprang from the blood of Uranus when his son Chronos struck him down. Their purpose was to punish those who broke the laws of nature, such as killing a family member. The Romans called them the Furies.
When Hera endowed a horse with the power of speech, the Erinyes struck it dumb because it was not natural for a horse to talk.
by geinman June 25, 2013
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A sailor who works hard all day, then hits the beach and drinks until 2am. He then gets up at six am, and does it all over again.
A steamer sailor is a happy sailor.
by geinman February 3, 2013
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Damned great actor. Starred in the best of the Hammer movies in the fifties and sixties.
Peter Cushing was a great Baron Frankenstein
by geinman October 25, 2012
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Son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. After the murder of his father, he was ordered by Apollo to avenge his father's death. He did so, killing his mother and her lover, Aegisthus. For this act, he was pursued by the Erinyes, the goddesses of retribution. He wandered many years so tormented, accompanied by his sister Electra and friend Pylades. Finally, at Athens, the gods interceded and held court. Athena defended him and Apollo gave testimony. Orestes was exonerated and the Erinyes stopped pursuing him.
Orestes killed his own mother on the orders of Apollo.
by geinman June 23, 2013
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Daughter of Agamemnon who was to be sacrificed at Aulis due to her father's angering of the goddess Artemis. At the second the knife fell, Artemis whisked her away and placed a stag in her place. The goddess took her to the land of the Taurans, where she became a priestess. Many years later, she played a major part in the redemption of her brother, Orestes.
Iphigenia was lured to Aulis by the promise of a marriage to Achilles.
by geinman June 15, 2013
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The hero of the Leatherstocking Tales by James F. Cooper. Real name Nathaniel Bumppo. Also the nickname of Captain B.F.Peirce of MASH
by geinman October 25, 2012
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