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In eighteenth and nineteenth century England, it was considered a great offense to say "By God". Instead, men would say "BY Jove". Jove is an alternative name for the Roman god Jupiter. By saying "By Jove!", they could be saying "By God!", without committing a social offense.
"By Jove, Tom! William has a magnificent carriage!"
by geinman June 15, 2013

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Any sexual act other than normal intercourse. The term is derived from the Bogomils, a late Middle Ages sect who believed that creating children was a sin, and practiced any sexual action which prevented conception. They were eventually wiped out by The Church.
The Bogomils practiced buggery.
by geinman March 12, 2013

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Damned great actor. Starred in the best of the Hammer movies in the fifties and sixties.
Peter Cushing was a great Baron Frankenstein
by geinman October 24, 2012

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Greek goddess of the hunt. She was protector of all wild things, all creature young(including humans), and has some part in childbirth(she helped her mother, Leto, deliver her twin brother Apollo). She was a virgin goddess, and required all her female followers to be the same. She WAS NOT the goddess of the moon. This mistaken idea is caused by her identification with the Roman goddess Diana. The Greek goddess of the moon was Selene.
Artemis cared not for love or romance, but only the chase.
by geinman June 14, 2013

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A slang (and usually derogatory) term for a homosexual. It was used by Stephen King in hi novel "It".
In "IT", a policeman states; "On the subject of bum punchers I'm neutral."
by geinman May 01, 2013

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Son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. After the murder of his father, he was ordered by Apollo to avenge his father's death. He did so, killing his mother and her lover, Aegisthus. For this act, he was pursued by the Erinyes, the goddesses of retribution. He wandered many years so tormented, accompanied by his sister Electra and friend Pylades. Finally, at Athens, the gods interceded and held court. Athena defended him and Apollo gave testimony. Orestes was exonerated and the Erinyes stopped pursuing him.
Orestes killed his own mother on the orders of Apollo.
by geinman June 23, 2013

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