1-and annoyig little person
you feel like strangling most of the time
1-DANG! My brother was being such a frikkin little bug today!
by Jeniy May 31, 2005
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to deny something, mostly a fact, assumption, or blanket statement.
Don't bug, boo. You know you want me.
by Julia's Gay Friend March 28, 2005
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its a crawly thing there
There Look You cunt theres a bug god dammit
by darkchild January 01, 2005
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Derogatory reference to a member of the "Bloods" gang...usually used by the rival "Crips" gang. Used because "bug" sounds a bit like "Bloods".
"Damn bugs did a drive-by and shot Lonzo last night."
by bangerchick October 07, 2012
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degrading in a cute way. a name used in name calling if you will...
Your a BUG!
i am?
ummm...are you gonna step on me?
your a BUG!hahhaaha
by squee November 26, 2003
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butt ugly girl or a butt ugly guy
yo is that girl hot or am i swimming?
naa man that girl is a bug
by dfrost April 01, 2007
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When bugs create a new event in a video game, which is not predictable.
Max: When I was playing Police Simulator 2, I ran into a weird bugness
by inshallomander March 28, 2021
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