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this name means pretty, intelligent, and doesnt let her gaurd down. SHe is the bestest friend a person can have and always knows when to help you or not. She sometimes can be moodly but keep trying to talk to her and she will finally losen up. But like i said she is the bestest friend a person could have and for guys she is a really great girl friend to have.
Isant calya hinzpeter the bestest friend you could have?
by Samantha October 20, 2004
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in my opinion there are 2 main species in this world male and female, then theres charvers, the average chaver, insists on listening to sean-paul and techno music- the girls put there make-up on with an ice cream scoop, the boys put a tub of superdrug value on there hardle-non-existant hair- they walk like they have piles- they never have heard of contraception as they got kicked out of school when they were 8 and took a building corse , were they learn to cement bricks together, so by the time there 12 theyve produced a herd of offspring-when they have there children they dress them like a clone of there parents in fake burberry, burberry in general is tacky enough, and addidas trainers, with plated 'gold' earings that look more like bracelets with hiddeuos patterns fashioned around the edges-they hang around on street corners drinking shoving a fag down there babys mouth and shout at passers-by.
go to ur nearest bus-shelter and shout names such as brtiney-casey-jade or mercedes
by Samantha January 25, 2004
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samantha is somuch better than chazzidy and she is ugly and has no life.she dumb and her boyfriend has a big ass head shaped like an egg. she needs to die!!!!!!!!!1
chazzidy is a fucking bitch
by Samantha April 19, 2005
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Very hot british actor. Very talented. NOT old. The best Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.
"Pride and Prejudice is such a good movie!"
"Colin Firth is so hot."
by Samantha September 03, 2004
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one day, a girl had 6 cookies. it was the first time she ever had cookies with a boy. many people around her realized "cookies" was slang.. for.. :gasp:... SEX.
man: i really want some sex.
girl: no, you really want some cookies, and i'm afraid you can't handle all the cookies i'm about to give you.
by Samantha May 14, 2004
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A word used to express how insanly cool somebody is/was.
"Dude! Chris King is SO bragasnavalaslavabagguhugBUGBUGladerama!"
by Samantha February 11, 2005
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