( bw - ay - n )

the needing to eat a bueno bar as soon as possible
Mark: do you have any money i need to buen
jennifer: yeah, you must be hungry
by theraginglesbian March 6, 2017
like saying bon appetit but in spanish, enjoy your meal
Tom: im gonna have dinner now
Maria: buen provecho
by val1 January 10, 2010
A super bueno lady-friend. She estan muy caliente. Absolutely no affiliation with the No Doubt/solo artist with similar name.
Mike- "Oh man, check out that spicy Buen Stefani cruzin all up on the scene. She is doing great things!"

Monte- "No thanks, I'm into dudes"
by Livin' The Dream Of Life August 4, 2009
A really quite good leeds-based band. Are sure to get huge. Very original and utterly exquisite.
Crowd member #1: buen chico were damn good
Crowd member #2: yeah, and Morgan's hair is the best
by 'Rave' February 3, 2006
extremely handsome man, who also includes large-sized genitals. beware, he loves to ..
Dude, did you see Diego Buen? He's so fucking hot!
by Cyril Bernardo November 11, 2008
An annoying person who stalk every girl at school. The girls think he is annoying, therefore they try to leave several hints to make him go away, but "Buene" can't take the hint.
by Mor di December 12, 2016