spanish for 'hot' as in "she's hot"
'what you think bout this one?'
'hmmm... caliente'
by :leo: August 03, 2005
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if this spanish word is translated into english, it means hot as in attractive, which is something not bad at all. but, on the contrary, to the spanish it means promiscuous
Mrs. Spanish Teacher: Blake, please describe Emily.
Blake: Uh...Emily es rubia?
Mrs Spanish Teacher: Okay, she has more chracteristics than THAT
Adrian (in the back of the classroom): Emily es muy caliente!!
The whole class laughs
Mrs. Spanish Teacher: Okay, Adrian, if you went to Mexico and said that to a young lady, you would get slapped.
Adrian: Why?
Mrs Spanish Teacher gives explanation
The whole class laughs once again
that is a true story!!
by The Bombdiggietest January 20, 2007
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spanish for "hot/ready to go (sexually)"
person1- "yo estoy muy caliente"
person2- "why do u have a boner?"
by spanishteacher101 December 27, 2011
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Spanish phrase that literally translates into "I'm hot," but actually means "I'm horny." Oftentimes mistakenly used by drunk white girls (gringas).
Man at bar: Quieres bailar?
Gringa: No quiero bailar, estoy caliente.
Man: Jaja oh gringas.
Gringa: Que???
by 1n2p November 12, 2010
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Spanish phrase meaning 'sizzling' or 'piping hot', used commonly when referring to one's beauty. It can also be used when referring to how god darn spicy something is.
"Jamie, you see that chick? She is sexy!"
"Yeah, muy caliente"
by ghorlahob September 29, 2017
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1. Worst music video ever.
2. Appalling waste of money and time.
3. General lack of talent, a desperate attempted to become the Undergrad Paris Hilton, despite the misfortune of Rojo's inability to dance without her eyes crossing.
4. Insult to redheaded people, Queen's University, and the music industry.
5. Failure to realise that "paid", "game", and "VIP" do not rhyme.

Platinum Card, with endless charge, that's rojo caliente!
by publicopinion February 12, 2008
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