A sunny disposition adopted by fat women because if they didn't they would have nothing to offer society.
Dude: So what's your friend like?

Chick: Oh she's awesome, she's really bubbly.

Dude: You mean she's fat?

Chick: No, she just has a great outlook on life. Always so positive.

Dude: Okay then. But is she fat?

Chick: Well, she's kinda big...

Dude: Uh-huh, that's what I thought.
by Mr. Cardboard November 06, 2011
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Just plain cool or use bubbly-making as kind of an adrenaline rush feeling or exciting.
Read Pretties by Scott Westerfield for usage and origin.
That movie was so bubbly, I really like it.

Ripstiking is really bubbly-making!
by Sabeanie June 08, 2009
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The 'nice' way of addressing a fat person with a big mouth.
1: She's a bubbly woman.
2: Nope, you're just letting people know she's fat and loud without hurting her. Notice you never meet 'bubbly' thin people.
by Elliot March 11, 2005
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A more polite and indiscrete way to say Gassy. Full of gas bubbles.
"Do you have any Gas-X? I should not have eaten that broccoli and cheese soup ... I am bubbly now. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go blow a bubble!"
by The Cason-Point February 04, 2010
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a slang word. to be bubbly is to see clearer or in hi-def, and/or to not be pretty-minded. drinking alcohol does not help to make you bubbly. hunger, calorie-purgers, and increasting your heart rate, are all things that make you more bubbly.
Tally: Shay, what's wrong with you? You don't seem so bubbly today. Were you drunk last night?

Shay: Are you serious?! Tally-wa, Skinny, hun, I haven't been drinking for over a month, now! Sorry if I'm still pretty-minded! I haven't been cured yet because you are so selfish and gave Zane the cure instead of me! I'm gonna go get some calorie purgers! Oh, before I forget, isn't this new tattoo so pretty-making?!
by Cassandra Q December 13, 2007
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11.) Containing or creating many bubbles.
09.) Stuff that looks like bubbles.
54.) Quirky; ebullient; lively.
The bubbly child threw bubbly cotton candy into a bubbly bathtub.
by omg, DUH!! October 26, 2003
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A person's awesome personality. A mix of happy and excited. Bubbly people are awesome to be around. If you describe someone as bubbly you will most likely marry them.
"She's so bubbly."
Five years later you are married.
by zpluszisobvslove21 January 06, 2013
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