usually in reference to music and/or drugs: hyphy, bomb, chronic, hardcore, badass, raw.

by Devo Rando May 06, 2009
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Bubbly is a person you love very much!
You should keep your Bubbly's forever
by JBsss October 17, 2005
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-noun - Slang term for crystal meth. The connection between the word and the drug is as follows

-When crystal meth is smoked the drug turns into a liquid when heated. Overheating will cause it to bubble. It is also commonly smoked out of a glass tube with a bubble at one end.
Your 9:45 bowl, sir. I've taken the liberty of cracking it back for you. This last batch of bubbly was a quite good, indeed!
by eXcessiVeDAHMER July 26, 2011
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Type of personality usually displayed by lonley and over eager Fat chicks.
by xzybit July 23, 2004
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Poodle-like, and often desperate to prove they (usually she) are not one of the poodle people.
1.) The girl was bubbly and full of a poodle-like energy. One of her tricks was to jump up on tables and advertise merchandise while making it look cute and cuddly. Another was to show up in a soft parade marching with a band or another group.

2.) The guy couldn't relate to the bubbly girl on any level, they had nothing in common from interests to life experience. They had about as much in common as Clovis and RuPaul, or somebody like RuPaul.
by Solid Mantis September 25, 2020
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A word that makes somebody who is actually introverted sound more extroverted, kind of like the word fiery. Champagne is bubbly, people bring champagne to a party.
The bubbly girl was someone people thought was the definition of an extrovert, despite living in a bubble in a way most people didnt get to live (and still claiming to be trapped inside the bubble).
by Solid Mantis August 31, 2020
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