When you run out of clean underwear.
By wearing each pair of underwear two days in a row, John delayed laundry day.
by yooloo April 22, 2011
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An adjectival phrase describing an outfit that is random, mismatched, eclectic to the point of absurdity.
"She was wearing a black and turquoise flowered skirt with a yellow baby-doll tee and pink and gray checked Vans. She was trying to look all boho, but she just looked totally laundry day."

by Amanda French April 30, 2007
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When 3 or more dudes get butt naked and do each others laundry in a very Homo Erotic manner.
Casey, Mike, Bam, Rob and James always made time for Laundry Day. Sometimes they would do laundry 3 or 4 times in the same day.
by Rexlba March 30, 2021
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the infamous day for when "Larry Stylinson", the secret relationship between One Direction's Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson come out. Dubbed Laundry Day after Harry Styles tweeted "it all comes out in the wash" back in 2014.
It's been long enough, I can't wait until the boys are finally free on Laundry Day.
by freddieismyqueenfan28 July 10, 2018
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What you wear when you are down to your last set of clean clothes.
Why are you wearing sweat pants and a dress shirt?

It's my laundry day attire!
by Miss Information January 6, 2007
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The act of finding money in articles of clothing while preparing for laundry, Usually left there unknowingly because of drunken gallivanting.
I was getting my clothes ready to wash and hit the Laundry Day Lotto.
by KingD12 March 26, 2012
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