1) acronym for read only memory
2) a big sized file that, when loaded into a console emulator, plays a video game that's usually licensed
(irc setting)
"@find XBOX ROMS" .. "There ain't no xbox roms, st00pid."
by Sunbun September 7, 2003
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Literally: Read Only Memory.
ROMs are games that you can use on downloaded emulators. These games are usually licensed. A lot of good ROMs (unpopular games, games exclusively released in Japan) can be quite hard to find, knowing how most sites give you a ton of bullshit and forced voting, but no ROMs. Emulation and ROMs are the only way I have access to great Japanese SNES games such as Super Wrestle Angels, YuuYuu Hakusho Tokubetuhen, Sanrio World Smash Ball!, and Super Puyo Puyo 2 Remix.
I opened my Snes9x, opened the Super Wrestle Angels ROM, and began to play.
by Hand Hanzo May 2, 2005
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read only memory
data that cant be modified

the world ROM has now been commonly used to describe various games that operate on various emulators
Noob: where can i download some Xbox roms and emulator!!!
Mikr: there are no Xbox roms that work on an emulator idiot
by uncle sam August 7, 2003
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Read Only Memory derivative. Office speak (IT slang) for people who will never "get it". Like a ROM chip you can't write to, they cannot have new thoughts, they only spew back what has been programmed into them. Unable to write to their brain.
Bob: I need more memory, but I can't afford a hard drive right now so I am just gonna download a bunch of my files to a CD.

Jeff: He is such a ROM.
by Jeff Dillard April 23, 2005
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In Canada, the ROM is the Royal Ontario Museum.
by regular October 26, 2006
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1) Stands for read-only memory, a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices.
2) Nintendo's worst enemy, even worser than Bowser. They will sue any ROM site if they are capable to take their owners to court.
Couple Who Ran ROM Site to Pay Nintendo $12 Million.
Los Angeles resident who sold ROMs online ordered to pay $2.1 million to Nintendo.
Did you know that downloading ROMs are illegal!
by 123Mobile February 13, 2022
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It's a technical term that stands for really old mammaries.
Spike Jonez was flashin' ROM all over the place in that Jackass 2 movie.

Woah, those ROM look like they're full of powdered milk.
by Keef Urban August 22, 2014
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