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text question which combines " by the way" and "why" as in

"by the why"?
Carl texted Paul ... bty "dude,waz up with da hair"
by sheila in the car September 14, 2009
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"Better than you" - a group of people at your school or place of work who consider themselves better than you because they are a) richer or b) really far up their own ass.
The BTYs are complaining that their tennis court needs resurfacing
by smellsmell1 November 12, 2010
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Shortening of the term 'Better Than You'

Used to describe those of a privilidged background who act in a manner that looks down on those of a social standing.

BTY's normally colonize in medium sized groups and are pacifist, but carry an arrogant nature.
They are of an objective mindset and believe themselves to be superior to the wider community.
Those BTY girls won't talk to us as we're not rich
by Ronaldough November 09, 2010
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