I am better than you in every way. Whether it be in looks, intelligence, humor, prestige or social standing.

I am better than you.
You: Hi! How are you today?

Me: Better than you.
by SensualOne April 4, 2012
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A person who is usually on the rich side of things and litterally thinks they are better than you....Usually the preppy kids in your school the ones with brand new car and aeropastle bullshit....The ones you don't hang out with because they have to much money for you to get along with theim
Look at derek he is acting like a better than you
by Nigga22 January 24, 2008
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amazing, sexy and down right perfect you however are a dipshit!!
You suck! I am better than you!
by JotaJota November 14, 2007
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Statement indicating that one person is superior by undisclosed means to another. Often used to stop moments of awkward silence.
I play baseball; I'm better than you.
by Jesus August 5, 2003
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A beautiful woman who rejects all men for the least little cause. too young or old, poor, not cool enough, wrong color of hair, ect. unless they are the star quarter back, movie star , music star or millionaire, ect. They are often cheerleaders, appear in beauty pagents ect.
by Deep Blue 2012 July 15, 2009
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person1: Why'd you do that
person2: because im better than you
person1: that is a fact
by shatrat March 8, 2022
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