commonly known as 'by the way', this can mean:
- box toe well
- bubble tree watermelon
- business travel worship
- bibliography television works
- beluga tumblr whale
- beautiful tinky winky
my btw (bibliography television works) is BETTER than yours
by dellabella July 12, 2022
Wow Caduzinhulol really is BTW
by Toup99 June 29, 2021
by 1 am GAY November 21, 2020
A: hey

B:hey do you know what the date is?
C:21st btw today is Monday if you wanna know
by February 19, 2022
for that report i just made
srsly dont ban me btw
they said it
its your fault for approving it
by Orrinpants October 27, 2021
Lazarbeam: (plays a normal game)
TTV Btw: (sweats HARD and places cones everywhere)
by CodeLazar May 3, 2019
you know, a bunch of people hate this game, why? oh well, its just, TEAMERS, HACKERS, AND OOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPP characters. all of these reasons are stupid, first of all, teamers, this is not a reason to hate the game, its a reason to hate the particular person who teams, and there's always teamers in poplar games, like among us, discord cheaters. second of all, hackers, same thing, the only problem is, there is no automatic system to ban hackers in Roblox, we have to call the mods of the game to ban them, third of all, op charact- what the frick do you mean OP? THIS IS AN UNDERTALE FIGHTING GAME, OF CORSE THERE IS OP CHARACTERS, THE DEV IS TRYING TO BE REALISTIC TO THE GAME
soul DEATH (soul shatters btw) an good game, hated by everyone for some reason
by someone else thats not u February 5, 2021