Fill in the blank with your name.

This is what people type when testing out the clack of a keyboard that is disconnected.
"Hello my name is ___"
I typed on the keyboard at the garage sale
by Finnbarl January 7, 2021
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... fill in the blank with whatever you want people to call you today.

Typical name tag wording intended as an icebreaker for chit chat at any function, meeting, or party at which many of the guests are unfamiliar with each other.
"HELLO, MY NAME IS Chingo Bolamongo," read the name label on the keynote speaker's lapel.
by Chingo Bellamongo October 13, 2006
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This one sentence sparked the meme that was of the badass Nino of the show Kitchen Nightmares being impersonated by his brother in a goofy and alieny way
No one:

by ofrfr August 15, 2019
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Something from tikok everyone has heard (i think😳)
Sara: have u heard of this song? *Song starts playing, aka HELLO MY NAME IS SUZIE *

Emily: omg yes!!!!
by HelloHumanBeingThatLiveOnEarth February 2, 2022
"Hello everybody my name is markiplier."

"And welcome to five night's at freddy's."

"A indie horror game that you guys suggested."
by The Tf2-er April 14, 2021
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One of the best Harry Potter quotes EVER!!!
As Harry sat down to the notebook, it started to write to him. It asked him his name. Harry told the notebook that his name was Harry Potter, for obvious reasons. The notebook replied ' Hello, Harry Potter. My name is Tom Riddle. '
by The Purple Gnargles of pie November 27, 2009
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