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The word Google spell check rejects for no reason.
Zoom also rejects it.
(Typing in some random textbox, on Google) There was an apple
That person that typed it: WHY DOES GOOGLE SPELL CHECK REJECT IT???
by Orrinpants September 22, 2021
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assssssssssssss oops i mean a nice time that desnt exist
march 69thtrssssssssevewv5f45ewv89u5jkq897w4785v8974v58 is cool
by Orrinpants May 11, 2022
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1. Short for Minecraft education edition.
2. Misspelling of Minecrafted.
1. Is there a way to educate that involves Minecraft?

Yes, Minecraftedu!
2. typing on phone I Minecraftedu. Sorry.
by Orrinpants June 9, 2021
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Things that I found out ALL of them didn't even exist.
My definitions don't suck.
by Orrinpants October 27, 2021
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Forget all those incorrect definitions, this is Target.
A place where like half of the place is just CLOTHING.
Also a place with a lot of Good & Gather™ products, my favorite being fruit bars and fruit chips.
Max: Time for a Target run, gotta get some new clothes.
Jill: Okay. I'll be patient.
(About 10 minutes later)
Max: Okay, I'm back. Got my clothing!
Jill: Okay.
by Orrinpants September 13, 2021
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Seriously!? You searched up the definition of the definition of definition?!
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by Orrinpants September 10, 2021
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